Itinerary - Fish with a spouse/friend

Fishing with a partner, your spouse, a friend or family member, is a great way to spend a vacation! If you are lucky enough to have a partner that enjoys fishing as much as you do, its even easier. But if that person would like a day or two less of fishing, that’s an easy fix. We will happily adjust your trip itinerary to include a hiking or raft trip for one, while the other fishes. 

Cozy private cabins are the perfect hideaway for couples looking for an escape from the everyday, and friends traveling together will appreciate our variety of cabin layouts with either 2 or 3 beds, so a few of you can travel together but enjoy comfortable accommodations too. 

If this trip is a fishing and adventure travel ‘combination’ for you, be sure to inquire about our all-inclusive Alaska Adventures and our other two lodges; Kenai Backcountry Lodge and Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge. We can seamlessly add a sportfishing trip to an Alaska Adventure for a complete package, or add a fishing trip together with time at one or both of our other lodges, so you have a chance to experience even more of what Alaska has to offer, worry-free. 

Sample Itinerary for a 3 Day, 4 Night Fish & Explore package:



Day 1 

Day 2 

Day 3 

Day 4 


  Upper Kenai  Lower Kenai  Upper or lower Kenai for one traveler   

Hike or raft

      Hike or raft for the other traveler 


Pick up in Anchorage       Travel back to Anchorage