Suggested Packing List

Weather in Alaska can be unpredictable, and adequate outdoor clothing is essential for your stay with us. Generally, daytime temperatures range from the 50's to the 70's with some days reaching into the 80's. Traditionally, July has the warmest weather; however, Alaskan weather changes often and can quickly go from sunny and warm to wet and cold during any month of the season. There is a chance of freezing temperatures in early June and September. "Plan ahead and prepare" is a good motto to follow! 

The best way to dress for a fishing trip in Alaska is in layers. Polypro, capilene or wool all keep you warm even when wet and are excellent first and second layers. Always have rain gear with you even if it's clear and sunny in the morning. Please bring enough wool or synthetic socks for your entire lodge stay. Though cotton socks are fine for around the lodge, you'll want to avoid wearing anything cotton while fishing. Please note that laundry facilities are not available at the lodge. 

RAIN GEAR: A good quality two-piece rainsuit with a hood is a must. It should be made of coated nylon with factory-sealed seams. The expensive "Gore-tex" variety is not really necessary; however, you may opt for this if you think you may have use for it again. Please do not bring a plastic poncho or vinyl rainsuit because these types tear too easily and quickly become non-functional. 

WADERS: We provide chest and hip waders for trout and sockeye fishing on the upper Kenai. You may also choose to bring your own waders: breathable or neoprene, your preference. Please note that felt-soled waders are not allowed per fishing regulations.

SHOES or BOOTS: To wear in the powerboats or at the lodge when you're not fishing. Footwear should be comfortable, lightweight and water repellent. Nike, Vasque, Hi-Tec and Merrell all make lightweight hiking boots that are moderately priced. 

PANTS or JEANS: Comfortable and durable. Include a pair of shorts for the sauna (or for the occasional warm, sunny day). 

SHIRTS: T-shirts, flannel shirts, lightweight long sleeve shirts and turtlenecks are all good options. 

WARM JACKET/SWEATER/VEST: A fleece or pile jacket, vest and/or wool sweater are great layers for extra warmth. 

LONG UNDERWEAR: Do not bring cotton long underwear. Polypropylene, capilene or wool tops and bottoms are good choices. 

FLEECE PANTS: For cold mornings in August and September, these are great under breathable waders. 

SOCKS: Wool or synthetic socks are best. 

GLOVES: Lightweight wool or fleece gloves. 

WOOL KNIT CAP: You won't be sorry you brought this! 

BRIMMED HAT: For sun and rain protection. 

POLARIZED SUNGLASSES: Great for glare off the water. 

DAY PACK or HIP PACK: We have plenty of dry storage room on the boats for extra gear and warm clothing. 

INSECT REPELLENT: The higher the percentage of DEET (N, N-diethyl-meta-toluamide), the more effective it is against mosquitoes. Natural repellents containing Citronella are less effective but gentler on your skin. Creams and pumps are more environmentally friendly than aerosols.

ONE-QUART WATER BOTTLE OR HYDRATION PACK: One-quart water bottle or hydration pack for each person. Clean, potable water is available at all lodge locations on our trips. We are a plastic water bottle-free company; please help us reduce plastic waste by bringing your own water bottle.

OPTIONAL: Binoculars, camera (extra film/memory cards and batteries - use of drones is prohibited on our trips), sport sandals (for sauna), travel alarm clock, sunscreen, personal fishing tackle, flashlight (August and September).