Catch and Release fishing on the Kenai -By Brian Kaferstein, Fishing Program Manager

Jan 13, 2015


These beautiful wild fish are residents of the Kenai River system. This means that while they do migrate up and down the river in search of food each summer, they are "locals" who spend their entire lives in the river - or in Kenai and Skilak Lakes.

They're also one of our favorite fish to target with fly rods. When you're hooked up, they fight hard, they jump, they dive - they're a blast to catch! At the end of the battle, a well-composed photo is a beautiful "trophy" to take home. When properly released, trout will recover and be there for another day. It takes trout five to seven years to grow only about 16" long. We want them around for as long as possible!

Do this...


Not this!

And a bonus: Rainbows and Dollies are available all season! Peak is mid August through September.