We Fish the Kenai and Here's Why

Discover for yourself why the Kenai River enjoys a worldwide reputation for its June and July runs of salmon, producing more trophy-sized king salmon than any other river in the world. An annual run of over 500,000 sockeye migrate through the river. In addition, August and September hold some of the most hard-fighting silver salmon, wild rainbow trout and exciting Dolly Varden fishing found anywhere. 

The Kenai River stretches 82 miles, from Kenai Lake to Cook Inlet and includes upper, middle and lower river sections. The upper Kenai includes 16 miles of Alaska’s most productive sockeye salmon, rainbow trout and Dolly Varden fishing waters. A few miles downstream, a section known as the lower Kenai flows over 50 miles from Skilak Lake to Cook Inlet and produces some of Alaska’s finest king and silver salmon fishing.