Sportfishing on the Kenai River involves many things; boats, fish, tackle, gear, techniques and a great guide. Before you even get to the lodge, we want to know all about you, how you like to fish, what you want to learn, the species you hope to catch and what really makes a special sportfishing vacation for you. Then we will work with you and your traveling companions to meet and exceed those expectations. See, we know how frustrating it can be to book a big trip, travel a long distance, only to be in a boat with other fishermen whose style isn’t a match for yours. If you want to learn how to really slay some sockeye salmon, fight the Coho or capture a king and fill up that freezer, then we will make sure you know the best tricks and techniques, and have a great time on the water. 

On the Kenai, we’ll be fishing from drift or power boats, depending on the location (drift boats on the upper Kenai, power boats on the lower Kenai and out in Resurrection Bay). Going after sockeye salmon? You’ll need to get out of the boat to do it best, and that means drifting the lure right into the mouth and fair-catching your fish. It takes a few tries to master it, but once you do, the potential for snagging drastically diminishes and the likelihood of a fair catch on a nice fish goes way WAY up!

Fishing for silvers is a whole different experience, where the guide will use the boat and motor to maneuver you into sweet fishing holes, back trolling through the pools of spawning Coho. Unlike the sockeye, they hit hard and fast, and put up a fight! They sure are fun to catch, and great to eat.