Chinook (King) Salmon
Average Size: 15-25 lbs.
Available: May-July, peak in July

Some of our guests have caught 40 and even 60 pounders (the world record of 97 pounds was caught on the Kenai River in 1985)! Take your turn at this once-in-a-lifetime fishing experience.

Coho (Silver) Salmon
Average Size: 8-12 lbs.
Available: mid July-September, peak in August

These hard-fighting fish can be caught on the Kenai or in Resurrection Bay.

Sockeye (Red) Salmon
Average Size: 8 lbs.
Available: June-August, peak in June-July

This species offers frequent hookups and fast action on light tackle. Our guests enjoy taking these delicious-tasting salmon home with them for good eating!

Rainbow Trout
Average Size: 12-18 inches
Available: All season, peak in September

The Kenai River is home to some of the largest native rainbow trout in Alaska. The excitement of hooking one of these prized fish is worth the trip to Alaska in itself. Our permits and experience allow us to fish limited access areas of the river.

Dolly Varden (Char)
Average Size: 20 inches
Available: All season, peak in September

Along with trout, the Kenai is home to a large population of Dollies. These fish make the upper Kenai a fly or spin fisherman’s paradise.