Silver Salmon

Kenai River Silver Salmon Fishing

Available: August-September
Average Size: 8-12 lbs.
Limit: 2 per day
Fishing Techniques: Powerboat, Backtrolling, Drift Boat, Casting Spinners, Fly Fishing
Silver salmon (also known as Coho salmon) are such aggressive fish that they fight just as hard 60 miles up river as they do fresh out of the ocean. Their combative nature allows anglers to choose from a variety of fishing techniques and styles to catch silvers as they migrate through different sections of the river. Regardless of the technique you use, once these fish arrive you can expect nonstop action and frequently reaching daily limits. 
As the king salmon season comes to a close in late July, the first of the silver salmon begin migrating into the lower section of the Kenai River and appear in catchable numbers by the first week of August. We target these aggressive fighters in the lower section of the river, near the tidal zone, from early August into early September and in the "drift-only" upper section of the river from late August well into September. Silver salmon fishing trips on the upper Kenai River are complemented with drifting for rainbow trout in between known silver salmon holes. 
The versatility in the methods used to catch these hard fighters make silver salmon a favorite for anglers of all experience levels. 

Resurrection Bay Silver Salmon Fishing

Available: mid July-August
Average Size: 10-14 lbs.
Limit: 6 per day
Fishing Techniques: Mooching, Trolling 
Fishing for silver salmon in the nearby coastal waters of Resurrection Bay is one of the most popular trips we offer. When the weather and tidal conditions cooperate our guides usually head straight for the bay. Why? When the conditions are right the fishing can be fast and furious -- and with a liberal limit of six fish per day you could easily fill your freezer in a single trip. These fish are typically found in medium to large schools so when the bite is on, double, triple or even quadruple hook-ups are possible! Silver salmon are highly voracious feeders and are known for their aggressive strikes and acrobatic tail-walking runs. Silver salmon fishing in Resurrection Bay is without a doubt a unique and exciting fishing experience! 
Pair nonstop fishing action with a backdrop that offers frequent sightings of marine wildlife, calving glaciers and steep mountains, and it's no wonder silver salmon fishing in Resurrection Bay is a guest favorite! This trip is weather dependent and typically offered mid-July through mid-August.