King Salmon

Lower Kenai River and Resurrection Bay
Available: Early Run (Late May-June 30), Late Run (July 1-31) 
Average Size: 15-25 lbs. 
Limit: 1 per day, 2 per season 
Fishing Techniques: Powerboat, Backtrolling, Back Bouncing 

King salmon fishing on the Kenai River is world-famous, and for good reason -- it produces the largest king salmon in the world! The Kenai River is home to eight king salmon world records, including the impressive title of world's largest sport-caught king salmon weighing in at 97 lbs 4 ozs! Fishing for these king salmon will undoubtedly thrill even the most accomplished anglers. The Kenai River yields two distinct runs of king salmon each summer: the early run and the late run. Early run kings begin making their way into the river in May, peak toward mid-late June, and dwindle in numbers as they overlap with the start of the late run in July. The early run fishery sees far less fishing pressure than the late run due to the smaller overall size of the run as well as the no-bait-allowed restriction during this time. Regardless of run size and regulations, there's still plenty of great king salmon fishing (without the crowds).

Alaska Wildland Adventures and Kenai Riverside Fishing strictly adhere to all regulations pertaining to restrictions, harvest, and catch and release limits of all fish species as mandated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. From time to time, we may establish even stricter company policies with regard to catch limits and catch and release if it is deemed to follow best practices for the continued sustainability of certain species. In these situations, company policy shall supersede state regulations, and these policies may be implemented at any time, even during the course of the current season, depending upon the species and the situation.

We believe this approach is in the best interest of the conservation and perpetuation of Alaska's fish populations and the surrounding ecosystem upon which fish species depend. Upon booking a fishing trip with us, you agree to comply with these policies.

Update as of July 4, 2018: Due to current realities with the king salmon populations - and based on our support of local guidelines from the Kenai River Sportfishing Association - Kenai Riverside Fishing will be practicing catch and release fishing for Kenai River king salmon for the duration of our 2018 season in order to protect this important natural resource. Our staff will be happy to discuss wonderful alternative fishing options for non-threatened species if you wish to catch and keep fish during your trip with us. Please call us at 800.478.4100.