Fly Fishing

Alaska offers many different kinds of great angling opportunities, especially on the Kenai River - and fly fishing is no exception! Our guides and returning guests know there is no greater thrill than the opportunity to catch a monster rainbow trout, Dolly Varden or silver salmon on the fly in the months of August and September. At this time rainbows and Dollies are feeding voraciously on salmon eggs and flesh throughout the river. Although flyfishing is productive throughout the summer, late season fly fishing provides unparalleled opportunities. 

The non-motorized upper section of the Kenai, between Kenai and Skilak Lakes, is home to giant rainbows and has been designated by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a trophy rainbow fishery. Fly fishing this area offers the unique opportunity of catching rainbows, and it’s not uncommon to see sizes of 20 inches or greater. We feature permits that allow our guests to fish the restricted Kenai Wildlife Refuge, a stretch of the Kenai River home to the best late season rainbow trout fly fishing in Alaska. 

The most productive fly fishing technique used for rainbow and Dolly fishing is called dead drifting. Fish from our 18' drift boats as well as your guide's favorite spots along the scenic Kenai River banks. We use 7 weight fly rods with floating line. Our guides will use about a 9#-10# leader with a strike indicator and split-shot 18'' above an egg pattern but use an assortment of other flies as well depending on the time of year. The most popular tackle is a hand painted bead resembling a salmon egg. Our guides are on the river every day and know which egg patterns and fishing holes are producing well and which are not, as it changes from day to day; their knowledgeable expertise ensures your best day on the river.

Stripping big flies on 8 weight rods in the early morning hours sight fishing for Coho is a must for any fly angler. Spend a day bouncing from hole to hole and pick up a few trout in between - this trip is a guide favorite.